About VFactor

VFactor is an events management company currently making waves in the events industry. Since its establishment in 2003, it has delivered exceptional marketing and production services for companies and individuals all over the country. Its expertise in handling events — from conceptualization to the event proper — has made it an events management company par excellence – churning one great show after another.

Experience has enabled its team, led by managing director Von Arroyo, to master the various techniques and requirements in organizing a spectacle. Whatever the concept of the event and no matter how ambitious the project seems, VFactor easily gets to pull it off.

VFactor credits its accomplishments to the good relationship it maintains with clients. Each costumer is given priority and value, so the output always fits their needs. That is why today, no longer is VFactor just an events management company. It has also become an advertising company, public relations and consultancy firm, and production house offering creative media advertising services, among others, to meet the varied needs of our clientele.

Why does VFactor continue to expand its services? The same reason why a VFactor event is never like another — VFactor does not follow a template. We live to create and innovate.